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Check Out This Monster Lake Trout Caught Through Crystal Clear Ice [VIDEO]

Check out this video of an ice angler pulling in a monster lake trout through clear ice on Lake Superior.

JigheadsTV angler Jason Greatsinger caught the monster lake trout, while his partner in crime and co-host Jeremy Rydberg filmed the catch. Both were giddy as could be from the moment they got a good view of the monster lake trout through the ice. Of course, they were even happier when they managed to pull the beast out of the hole. Here's a picture of Greatsinger with his catch.


They estimated the trout to be about 40 inches. Greatsinger released the fish back into Lake Superior shortly after catching it. Here's the video of the monster lake trout catch:

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We've come across some great monster lake trout videos. Earlier this year, we posted a video of on an ice fisherman catching a potential world record brown trout through the frozen Milwaukee Harbor. We also shared a video of a father and son ice fishing duo pulling an absolute behemoth of a lake trout from a frozen lake in Canada.

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Check Out This Monster Lake Trout Caught Through Crystal Clear Ice [VIDEO]