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Angler Catches Monster Bull Shark from the Deep [VIDEO]

One brutishly heavy bull shark makes a day of amberjack fishing extra special.

Joshua Jorgensen and the BlacktipH Fishing crew were fishing amberjack in 180 feet of water. They were hooking jacks consistently but also losing every one as sharks were eating them before they could be landed.

Jorgensen admitted that his frustration with the jack-eating sharks finally got the best of him. He dropped a shark bait and waited only a short time before hooking something big.

For 20 minutes Jorgensen fought the fish but was confused by its non-shark-like behavior. He even wondered aloud if he had hooked a goliath grouper.

Finally a bull shark appeared from the depths, and what a bull shark it was! The fish was a true monster. Jorgensen estimated the the bull had an approximately 70-inch girth and weighed close to 600 pounds.

Just look at the massiveness and girth on this shark!

After briefly admiring the behemoth the anglers cut the hook and released the big shark to watch it return to the deep. It was Jorgensen’s personal best bull shark by a healthy margin.

He also estimated that the bull had at least 100 pounds of amberjack in its stomach.


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Angler Catches Monster Bull Shark from the Deep [VIDEO]