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Lost And Found: Angler Catches Camera and Long Lost Memories

If you’ve ever wanted to get something back that you thought you’d lost forever, you’ll love this story.

On January 19, angler Stephen Garnett went out fishing for lake trout on Lake Tahoe, but ended up catching something he never expected. He had his lure set a couple hundred feet down at the bottom of the lake where lake trout hang out, so he was sure he had a fish when he felt a tug on his line. But Garnett could tell something was strange about the catch as he started to reel it in.

“I’m looking in the water and I thought, what is that? I thought it was a cell phone, and then I went, ‘No that’s a camera!’” Garnett told KTVN news.

Garner took the camera home to his photographer wife, Jamie Clark, to see if they could retrieve any of the photos. The camera was waterlogged and rusty, but luckily the memory card was intact. On it they found more than a thousand photos and videos, mostly of family gatherings and vacations, and one selfie of a woman on a sailboat cruising Lake Tahoe.

A few of the photos were of a girls lacrosse team, which prompted Clark to do some detective work to find the camera’s owner. She tracked the team down to southern Utah. Knowing friends in the area, Clark decided to share some of the pictures with her Facebook acquaintances from Utah to start getting the word about the camera out.

“I took two photos from each year and posted them on Facebook.” Clark told the Salt Lake Tribune.

It only took five days for word to spread and for Clark to find the camera’s owner. It belonged to Janet LeVitre of South Jordan, Utah, who was the woman in the selfie on the sailboat. LeVitre had dropped the camera during that outing on the lake. Having so many memories on the camera, she wished that somehow she could get it back. Her wish came true when she logged onto Facebook on January 24 and saw photos from the camera posted to her page. Her reaction on Facebook said it all.

“WHAAAAAT THE HECK! YESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS MY CAMERA! YAAAAAAAY! Seriously, WHAT ARE THE CHANCES!!!!???!!!,” LeVitre posted on her page in response to the photos.

By the evening of January 24, Clark and LeVitre were chatting on the phone about the story.

“Most people wouldn’t go out of their way like that. I so appreciate their efforts,” said LeVitre. “I need to tell thank you to a lot of people.”

Both of the women are now friends, and will have something to reminisce about for the rest of their lives. And Garnett, the angler who made the one-in-a-bazillion-odds catch, has a great fishing story he can tell from here on out.

Angler catches camera, the rest is history.

What did you think of this fishing story? Do you have one you’d like to share? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Lost And Found: Angler Catches Camera and Long Lost Memories