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Angler Captures Once in a Lifetime Humpback Whale Video [VIDEO]

A humpback puts on a show for a boat full of fishermen in this once-in-a-lifetime encounter caught on camera.

Angler Kevin Egan and his fishing buddies were astonished to see a humpback whale perform for them just feet away from their boat. At first, they spotted the whale spying on them from the surface of the water. When they grabbed their cameras, the whale decided to put on a show. It swam closer to the side of the boat, rolled its enormous body and slapped its fins on the surface. When the fishermen moved to the other side of the boat, the whale followed them and continued to perform.

“Words cannot describe the sheer exhilaration of seeing such a magnificent sight,” Egan said in the video description. Take a look at the incredible humpback whale video he captured.

Egan said this about the unique encounter.

My wife laughs but I sensed intelligent interaction with the humpback. I felt he was show boating to the people on the boat… not to the boat. Which ever side we were on he seemed to follow. When I took some underwater shots he seemed especially interested and almost acted like a toddler trying to impress. To me I see the intelligence in the fact the whale’s actions implies he knows the people appreciate him versus an inanimate object like the boat.

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Have you ever had a close up encounter with a whale? Have any good humpback whale video footage? Share your story in the comments section. 

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Angler Captures Once in a Lifetime Humpback Whale Video [VIDEO]