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This Angler’s Got It: Watch Her Throw a Castnet Like A Boss

10 foot castnet

Throwing a castnet may seem easy at first, but getting it out there correctly is an art form. 

This angler took some time to demonstrate the skill and patience required to throw a 10-foot castnet with what she calls a triple load toss.

If you’ve ever needed help learning how to throw a 10-foot castnet, watch this video and learn from an expert.

This seasoned angler knows a thing or two about throwing a 10-foot castnet. Did you see how the castnet fully expanded before it even hit the water? It’s important to note that she separated the castnet into sections before throwing it. By placing a portion of the weights over her shoulder, this angler was able to achieve maximum spread.

The castnet toss landed her quite a few fish. Accoring to the Youtube user, the few dozen pogoes they caught in the castnet were used as bait for catching jacks, cudas, and kingfish.

After watching this video you know have a better idea about throwing castnets, but the best way to learn is to practice yourself. Head out to your local park and give it a go-round on dry land before taking it to the water to be sure your form is precise and tight.


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This Angler’s Got It: Watch Her Throw a Castnet Like A Boss