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Angler Brent Ehrler Shares the Joy of Fishing with His Family [VIDEO]

B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro Brent Ehrler gets together with GoPro and explores what it means to balance fishing professionally and being a family man.

There's nothing like passing on a tradition to a future generation. Moreover, it is a special experience when one gets to share his passion with his children. B.A.S.S. Elite Series pro Brent Ehrler teamed up with GoPro to capture more than just a day on the water fishing. Watching this video will make you want to schedule a day as soon as possible to get your family out on the water with you.

In this short film, the folks at GoPro really show what their technology can do and how it can preserve a special moment. Some of the shots captured are beyond innovative and fun to watch. The use of the Hero4 is helping to take fishing to the next level in terms of documenting and sharing these once-in-a-lifetime moments on the water.

As an adult, it is a worthwhile experience to consider the place from which a passion grew. Sometimes the smallest experience shared with a loved one can blossom into a life endeavor. To me, that's why it is so important to make sure that I share what I love about this world with my daughter and my family. However the situation may arise, no gesture is ever too small when it comes from the heart.

Professional fishermen are away from home a lot. We may only see them online, in magazines or fishing on television. However, the reality is, they provide for their family by traveling an immense amount from tournament to tournament. Plus, when they aren't fishing, they are speaking about the sport and lifestyle or having public appearances for their sponsors.

I would think that the support that each of their families gives them is immeasurable and necessary for each angler to be successful and positive throughout the tournament trail.  Being a new dad myself, I can only imagine the internal conflict that would occur from being on the road for months at a time. It is important to make time for those closest to us, whenever we can.

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Angler Brent Ehrler Shares the Joy of Fishing with His Family [VIDEO]