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Pennsylvania Angler Bags Delaware State Record Sheepshead


A Pennsylvania angler set the new Delaware state record for Sheepshead with this impressive catch.  

David Walker, of Boothwyn, Pa., landed the record sheepshead in the lower Delaware Bay on Sept. 29 while fishing in the Delaware Sport Fishing Tournament. Walker’s catch weighed 17.1-pounds, measured 28 inches long, and had a girth of 24 inches.

State wildlife officials have confirmed the catch is the new state record for the species. The previous record was a 15.11-pounder caught by Christopher H. Wentz in 2012.


Walker described his prized catch as “delicious.” Apparently, sheepshead have tasty flesh, though, this writer never has eaten one.

Sheepshead also have bizarre, human-like teeth so you might want to avoid sticking your finger in their mouths. The fish also have a close relative, the Salema porgy, that supposedly induce hallucinogenic visions when consumed – or at least that’s what the ancient Romans once thought.

But don’t worry, the only thing eating a sheepshead will do is make your taste buds happy.

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Pennsylvania Angler Bags Delaware State Record Sheepshead