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Ancient Whale Skull Fossil Found in Virginia Swamp [VIDEO]

A paleontologist discovered a 500-pound whale skull fossil in murky swamp waters of Virginia. 

Sometimes a fossil is found in a very strange place. Their discovery often leads paleontologists to wonder how they got there, and what the area must have been like millions of years ago.

Jason Osborne of PaleoQuest recently discovered numerous fossils in the swamps of Virginia.

The largest fossil he discovered was a 500-pound whale skull pinned to the bottom of one fast moving, murky swamp. How did it get there?

Seeing people find fossils such as this really make you think about how much the world has changed over millions of years.

Places that were once underwater are now thriving land masses with nothing left of their past, except for the few clues we find.

I don’t live far from a large fossil bed on the Ohio River. It still amazes that giant, ancient creatures once swam through the river that I fish quite often.

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Ancient Whale Skull Fossil Found in Virginia Swamp [VIDEO]