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Ancient Lone Star Lizard Discovered in Western Texas

Michelle Stock, Chris Kirk via Austin-American Statesman

The University of Texas announced that its researchers discovered a new extinct lizard, aptly nicknamed the Lone Star Lizard. 

Found in West Texas in the Devil's Graveyard geologic formation, the lizard was named Solestella cookei. However, it's non-scientific name will be the Lone Star Lizard. So what kind of lizard is this?

Well, it's an extinct worm lizard, part of a family of elongated and legless reptiles that once roamed West Texas. There is only one living member of the worm lizards left and that's the Florida worm lizard, according to the Austin-American Statesman.

The Lone Star Lizard took up residence in West Texas somewhere around 40 million years ago and it's fossil remains were recently unearthed during a dig. Where does Lone Star come from?

Well, Solestella means Lone Star in Spanish, so UT researchers felt it was just fitting that the worm lizard from Texas holds his state's nickname.


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Ancient Lone Star Lizard Discovered in Western Texas