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Ancient Fishing Techniques Still Work

Manu San Felix/National Geographic

There's a fishing technique that humans have used since the Stone Age, and it still works. 

In all this time, the method hasn't changed when using seine nets to catch fish.

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In Seychelles, the fishermen still use seine nets to catch mackerel for market. Along the beach at Beau Vallon, locals set up the nets where they know the fish will be.

Seine netting uses a seine, or drag net. The net hangs vertically in the water. Floats keep the top edge of the net on the water and weights sink the bottom edge on the sea floor.

Beach seine netting in Seychelles is a slow, methodical practice. The net is spread out about 200 yards, and the fishermen use ropes to haul it in from the sea.

Mackerel usually have "schooling stripes," which help keep the fish together. Because of the schooling, seine netting is very effective to catch mackerel.

After steadily pulling, the Seychellois fishermen come together and drag the net, and the fish, onto the beach.

It's a simple, ancient technique, and it still works. And unlike modern methods, using seine net fishing techniques is a sustainable practice, in the right, experienced hands.


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Ancient Fishing Techniques Still Work