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Ancient Elk Antler Found by Detroit Lakes Scuba Diver

ancient elk antler

An ancient elk antler was recently discovered by a Detroit Lakes scuba diver, and it could be 13,000 years old!

Gary Thompson, a scuba diver who hails from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, found an unusual and rare piece of history this past August while scouring the bottom of Buffalo Lake. With thousands of dives under his belt, this ancient elk antlerwhich he initially mistook for a large rootis definitely his oldest and most treasured find to date.

Measuring five feet long and weighing approximately 30 pounds, this elk antler is old. How old, however, is yet to be determined. According to Thompson, the last time elk were reported in the area was back in the 1850’s. But after doing some research and speaking to a few experts, it could have belonged to an extinct species dating back 13,000 years.

As with all of his underwater finds, curiosity gets the better of Thompson – meaning he needs to find out all he can about the object. And this ancient elk antler is top priority.

Since carbon dating is a costly endeavor, Thompson has started a GoFundMe account in order to raise enough to get a definitive age for his antler. The hope is to have an answer by January.

ancient elk antler

Thompson plans to preserve the ancient elk antler and donate it to a museum.

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe account, click here.


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Ancient Elk Antler Found by Detroit Lakes Scuba Diver