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An Empty Shed Turns into Wilderness Oasis in This Great Renovation

Dreaming of transforming your unused outdoor space into a relaxing and beautiful getaway? You should call the team at Restoration Wild.

The team of Animal Planet’s popular show, Restoration Wild, has outdone themselves once again in this beautiful shed renovation that turns an empty space into a beautiful rustic relaxation zone.

Farm-owners Kevin and Vicki were the lucky pair able to utilize the services that Restoration Wild offered on their farm and, specifically, their old shed.

The renovation is truly stunning, as Vicki’s own mosaic of trout acts as a centerpiece for the new design. In addition, what’s even more compelling is the origin of all the new pieces brought into the shed, like siding from the old farmhouse and the ceiling detail that came from a Pennsylvania schoolhouse.

The overall rustic, natural-colored theme of the renovation makes it a relaxing and suitable place for Vicki’s art space, in addition to a relaxing vibe for the whole family to enjoy.

Having a space like this has always been my dream, and luckily enough, shows like Restoration Wild exist to give us lots of DIY ideas for spaces in our own homes.

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An Empty Shed Turns into Wilderness Oasis in This Great Renovation