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Amur Tigers Return to China Confirmed in Rare Footage [VIDEO]

Amur tigers have been confirmed as returning to mainland China in footage caught on a camera trap.

Tigers are one of the most endangered animals on planet Earth. They are in grave danger of becoming extinct. However, there are a lot of different animal conservation groups that are working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is one of those groups. They recently caught Amur tigers on camera in mainland China for the first time. The video clip is short, but it shows an adult female Amur tiger and two younger tigers. The footage was filmed in Wangqing Nature Reserve by a WWF camera trap.


The sighting is a small, but positive step forward in the recovery of the Amur tiger population. The fact that the video shows a female tiger with two other tigers that are likely her cubs is another great sign. That means that the tigers are reproducing in the area.

Hopefully the WWF and other conservation groups can continue to see positive results in Amur tiger conservation. It would be a real shame if tigers of any kind disappeared from Earth because of our own negligence.

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Amur Tigers Return to China Confirmed in Rare Footage [VIDEO]