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This Amphibious Fishing Boat is Pure Genius [VIDEO]

The Sealegs 6.1m D-Tube is the coolest amphibious fishing boat we've ever seen.

Made by New Zealand boat manufacturer Sealegs, the 6.1m D-Tube is an amphibious craft designed for fishing in rugged conditions.

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The thing that really makes this boat cool is the motorized, retractable and steerable wheel system. You can drive it from storage across rugged or flat terrain straight into water. Once in the water, the driver can retract the wheels and drive it like a normal boat.

This craft comes with an 115HP 4-stroke Yamaha outboard motor, so it can reach some decent cruising speeds.



But ultimately, this is a boat made for fishing. As such, it comes with a bunch of features you'd expect from a sport fishing boat, such as a bait board, pole holders, live wells and plenty more.

Sealegs also offers several options for anglers looking for the, shall we say, deluxe, experience. To find out more, check out Sealegs' website.

You can see the Sealegs 6.1m D-Tube in action in the video below.

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This Amphibious Fishing Boat is Pure Genius [VIDEO]