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These Guys Decided to Shoot a Bullet to Space [VIDEO]

I don’t think any 9mm bullet has ever gone this far.

Check out what the guys at thought would be a good idea.

Why? Because this is America, and if we want to send bullets to space, we do it.

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Here’s the story in the words of AmmoMan:

Most seasoned shooters are all too familiar with the fact that the Russians have brought a firearm and ammo into orbit aboard the International Space Station. While the Ruskies didn’t bring a 9mm chambered pistol, it didn’t sit well with us that the Russians could potentially be armed while our NATO allies would go without proper ammunition.

So, the team here at decided to do something about it.

We pulled our best physicists off the warehouse floor and we came up with a solution: put a round of 9mm ammo into near space so our NATO allies would be properly armed in the event Russian relations become even more hostile and cold than they are currently.

The results our team gathered were astounding. Armed with packing tape, balsa wood, and a trunk full of helium, the ammunition went on a 120,000-foot journey into the unknown over the course of several hours. (That’s more than 22 miles!)

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These Guys Decided to Shoot a Bullet to Space [VIDEO]