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AmmoHawk: The Revolutionary Ammo Subscription Service


Are you tired of inflating ammo prices or going out to buy some before every drive to the range? AmmoHawk is your answer.

Founded in 2015, AmmoHawk lets users subscribe for a monthly package of their favorite cartridge. The company securely ships your package to their armory where it's safely stored until you're ready to use it.

While it's not legal to ship ammo by mail in every state, where it's legal, you can find AmmoHawk. The armory is a collective name given to secret locations around states that store AmmoHawk's member's ammo packages. You won't know what your armory is until you order your first package of ammo.

So far, they offer five packages to choose from and the round numbers differ. Their 30-06 package is a minimum of 40 rounds in each package guaranteed. The 22LR offers a minimum of 350 rounds. The 9mm package is a minimum of 150 rounds. A 60-round minimum is offered for the 223. Finally, the 12G package offers 115 shells guaranteed.

The package costs $69/month, which is pretty reasonable when you consider how much you might be dropping on ammo for each unplanned trip to the range. They only sell factory fresh ammo.

Would you consider AmmoHawk for your own set up?


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AmmoHawk: The Revolutionary Ammo Subscription Service