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Ammo Vending Machine Has Critics Firing Off Their Concerns [PICS]

Beaver Countian

The Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club has a pistol cartridge ammunition vending machine at their gun range.

A firestorm has erupted due to this machine’s use. As reported, critics turned over photos of the ammunition vending machine at the Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania to the media.

This club is members only, so the general public is not allowed without a membership. Club members have an electronic membership card and have access to the range 24 hours a day. Members approved the installation of the vending machine.

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The ammunition is sold by Sam Piccinini, a Rochester Township patrolman and Republican candidate for Beaver County Sheriff. He operates the company, which loads the ammunition, named Master Ammo Company.

Mr Piccinini said, The machine sells pretty much everything, from .22 long rifle to .45 Long Colt and every standard caliber in between except .32 and .25 automatic. It’s got 380, 9, 38, 40, 45, .357 SIG. I manufacture all of it myself.”

Beaver Valley Rifle and Pistol Club
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Mr. Piccinini said he manufactures the all-lead bullets for the club due to safety concerns of ricochets. He a said standard, jacketed ammunition bullets can break up upon impact with the range backstop. The jacket material coming apart from the lead core can cause a ricochet. All lead bullets will splatter on impact with the backstop, thereby not causing fragments. A shortage of lead ammunition for range members has spurred Piccinini on to install a vending machine.

What is the future of the ammo vending machine idea? The future is uncertain, as critics and pro-vending-machine advocates voice their concerns.

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Ammo Vending Machine Has Critics Firing Off Their Concerns [PICS]