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Rare American Crocodile Attacks Angler’s Catch [VIDEO]

American crocodile

This American crocodile decided one angler’s hooked fish looked like an easy meal for the taking.

There is a species of crocodile that lives in the United States. The American crocodile grows bigger than the much more common alligator that is featured on shows like “Swamp People.”

They are not a very aggressive species. Although this video may have you questioning that fact.

Their diet mainly consists of small mammals and fish, but they do sometimes attack larger animals like deer and could potentially pose a threat to humans.

The American crocodile can reach lengths of 20 feet but generally measures between 13 and 16 feet in length. There is an estimated population of 2,000 American crocodiles in the United States and they are only found in southern Florida.

The angler in the video is reeling in a small tarpon when the American crocodile swims in for the attack.

Just in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation, it is generally a good idea to cut the line when a large, hungry, prehistoric predator with a mouthful of long, sharp teeth makes a move for your fish.

Just saying!

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Rare American Crocodile Attacks Angler’s Catch [VIDEO]