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Only in America Can You Go Minigun Hog Hunting [VIDEO]

minigun hog hunting

Though minigun hog hunting may not be the most efficient way to control feral hog populations, it sure does look like a lot of fun.

There is outstanding hog hunting throughout the world, including in Europe, Australia and South America. However, as good as the hunting there may be, I guarantee you will not be able to shoot hogs with a minigun anywhere other than the United States.

How much do you think the hogs in this video cost just in terms of ammunition fired?

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While I refuse to speculate on the exact location and circumstances of this video, I would say calling this hunting is a stretch. This is more of a hog shoot than a hog hunt.

The unfortunate downside of shooting feral hogs with a minigun is that the ammo probably destroys much more of their meat than shooting them with an elephant gun would.

With all of that being said, minigun hog hunting still looks like loads of fun.

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Only in America Can You Go Minigun Hog Hunting [VIDEO]