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Amberjack and Amtrak: Your Guide to Budget Friendly Fishing Destinations


Use Amberjack to find where to go and Amtrak to get there for great budget friendly fishing destinations.

Amberjack has fast become one of the premier online fishing booking services for guides, charters, and lodges all across the United States. However, one big hang up that people often encounter tends to happen when it comes to paying for the travel to those exotic or famous fishing spots. If you choose your travel carefully, finding budget friendly fishing destinations becomes awfully easy.

Flying is always the best bet to getting anywhere in the country in the shortest amount of time. It’s also the most expensive way to go. Very recently I was searching for different budget friendly fishing destinations on Amberjack and trying to figure out a way to make some of those trips happen.

That’s when Amtrak popped in my head. Bus or train trips may not be ideal, but on a short trip it’s just the ticket. The best part, you don’t even have to drive.

For an example, just look below. That is everywhere Amtrak travels by rail. How many world class fisheries do you see near those tracks?


So let’s look at a real life example. As seen on Amberjack, I can get to Viroqua, Wisconsin to check in with the guys at Driftless Angler to get set up to fish a few days in the famous Driftless Zone.

How did I get there? A $382 round trip ticket from Indianapolis, Indiana to La Crosse, Wisconsin that includes a four day rental car when you get there all via Amtrak, that’s how. Four days of fishing the driftless zone for less than an average plane ticket sounds pretty good.

If you are like me, sleeping in a tent isn’t a bad way to go. Just in case, I checked and you can get a local hotel for $70 a night if you don’t want to rough it. It’s your money, not mine. You do what you want.

The summer hasn’t even started yet and a long weekend at a great fishing destination is probably calling your name. I’m not saying Amtrak is the way the go, but give Amberjack a look over and see what’s out there, then plan your travel accordingly.

Me, I just might be riding the rails.



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Amberjack and Amtrak: Your Guide to Budget Friendly Fishing Destinations