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Amazing Wingshooting Action in New York State [VIDEO]

Here's a great look at New York State's wingshooting, full of bountiful ducks and geese.

This is a great taste of what New York offers as a waterfowl harvest state.

Watch as some late-season hunters show us what it takes to bag some of our favorite quarry: the ducks and geese that migrate through and winter in New York State.

First of all, I've got to say that the camera guy is a helluva good shooter!

Secondly though, did he shoot right over his partner's head at the 1:45 mark?

1duck hunt


Waterfowl hunting is about staying in your lanes. It wasn't the only time that it happened in this video, but when you're wingshooting and the action is fast, you have to make fast decisions.

That's was an awesome look at some great shooting, now make us proud and be careful out there!

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Amazing Wingshooting Action in New York State [VIDEO]