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Amazing Underwater Footage of Florida’s Mullet Run

Epic footage of the mullet run on Florida’s east coast will make you wish you lived in the sunshine state.

Each year fishermen in Florida can’t wait of the fall season to start. Unlike in other states, fall isn’t about watching the leaves change. For fishermen in Florida, it is about watching tarpon, snook, jacks, and shark launch themselves out of the water while chasing bait during the mullet run.

Underwater Florida was able to capture some amazing footage of this wonderful natural occurrence.

When it comes to fishing action off of Florida’s beaches the mullet run is as good as it gets. Sharks, tarpon, snook, and jacks are just a number of the species that can be found crushing bait pods and wreaking havoc.

In the video you can see the tarpon are moving in an out of the bait pod waiting for the perfect time to attack. Large baitfish flies, topwater poppers, and huge plugs are go to baits during this season. If you have yet to witness this epic natural occurrence then now is your chance. The fun is just now starting!


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Amazing Underwater Footage of Florida’s Mullet Run