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Amazing Underwater Footage of Big Bass at the San Vicente Opener

San Vicente opener

What happens when a prime bass lake is closed for eight years? Watch this video from the San Vicente opener to find out.

The recent San Vicente opener on the small lake outside of San Diego offered phenomenal fishing. The water supply reservoir closed to fishing in 2008 and just re-opened on September 22nd, 2016. Anglers lucky enough to get on the water have been catching giant bass, many that had never seen a lure in their life.

Luckily, this video shows just how good the fishing can be and how many bass will be in a lake with no pressure. The video comes from, and they said that most of the footage shown is big bass swimming in deep water between 30-60 feet along points.

As you could see in the video, the bass are everywhere and the clear water makes it very easy to spot them. No wonder the San Vicente opener was so good.

Clearly the fishing has been phenomenal, but getting on the water has been the biggest problem. Tickets were sold on TicketMaster. Then, like a big sporting event, they were even being resold to the highest bidders online.

San Vicente Opener

Pictures like these from Action Jackson Fishing show why the lake has had so much attention. Social media accounts for Southern California bass anglers have been full of big fish pictures like this since the lake opened. Those lucky enough to be there for the San Vicente opener and the days following had some of the best fishing they have ever experienced.

San Vicente Opener
Action Jackson Fishing

These fish are not shying away from the camera; eight years of no fishing pressure will do that. This awesome footage was taken with a Water Wolf camera that attaches directly to your line.


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Amazing Underwater Footage of Big Bass at the San Vicente Opener