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Amazing Survival Story: Bear Attacks Woman and Buries Her Alive [VIDEO]

Siberian Times

There are not many stories that end in survival when it comes to bear attacks, but this woman defied the odds.

Natalya Pasternak, a 55-year-old post office worker and mother of two, was in the forests near Tynda collecting birch sap when the bear attacked.

Her dog barked to alert her of the danger, but before she knew it, Natalya and her dog were under attack. Her friend who was with her managed to escape to flee and alert authorities, but not before Natalya suffered a vicious attack.

The bear evidently thought the woman was dead and sought to bury her and hide its prey, apparently saving its next meal. Rescuers including a wildlife protection specialist rushed to the scene and the bear started to attack the group. They shot the bear, a four-year-old female. Then they noticed the woman's hand jutting out from under a pile of leaves. They cleared the foliage and found Natalya alive and conscious, though seriously injured.

Warning: Video contains graphic content.

The first words that Natalya said to her rescuers were, "Have you killed the bear?"

Natalya is in deep shock after the bear attack, and doctors say she is in "severe" condition. Her two children are with her at the hospital in Tynda.

We are all hoping for a speedy recovery.

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Amazing Survival Story: Bear Attacks Woman and Buries Her Alive [VIDEO]