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Amazing Story of Anglers Surviving Lightning Strikes [VIDEO]

This is why you must be very careful when fishing in a thunderstorm. This is quite the survival story. 

Gabe Neal and his son, Christian, are lucky to be alive after being hit by lightning while fishing in a thunderstorm.

Check out this amazing survival story.

A lot of things fell into place for both Gabe and Christian to survive the lightning strike.

As was mentioned in the video, it may be that because the lightning hit the graphite rod first, instead of Christian, that lessened the impact.

But then to have an Iraqi War veteran, Andy Flippin, fishing not far away, to pull Gabe out of the water and to extinguish the flames on Christian is a miracle.

This is a good reminder to pack up the fishing gear if it starts to thunder.

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Amazing Story of Anglers Surviving Lightning Strikes [VIDEO]