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Amazing Rescue: Deer Saved From Frozen Minnesota River [VIDEO]

Two Minnesota public servants went above and beyond the call of duty to pull off an amazing rescue of a deer trapped in the icy waters of a frozen river.

The Red Lake River in Crookston, Minnesota was almost completely frozen over when one deer though the ice looked thick enough to use as a crossing place. Unfortunately, the ice was not as thick as it had hoped and the deer fell through into an icy, watery slush.

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Luckily for this unfortunate deer Chris Klawitter, a Crookston firefighter, and Ross Hier of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources were nearby and quick to react; jumping into action to quickly attempt to rescue the struggling deer.


While this may not look like a very dramatic rescue, it could have turned tragic for all involved had the deer either tipped the boat or become too lively in the boat and knocked one of the brave rescuers out. It did seem that by the time they were able to get the boat through the icy waters over to attempt this amazing rescue the deer was too cold to even move on its own.

We are glad to see that by the end of the video the deer is showing signs of recovery and life as it starts to move. I know it sure was glad that those two men though it important enough to risk the cold waters to attempt this amazing rescue, and as a hunter I am glad we didn’t have to lose more wildlife to thin ice.

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Amazing Rescue: Deer Saved From Frozen Minnesota River [VIDEO]