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Amazing Photos of North American Wildlife

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These photos of North American wildlife will leave you amazed.

snarling wolf

Getting that perfect picture is difficult, capturing an animal behaving naturally in its own environment is almost impossible. These amazing photos of North American wildlife will inspire anyone to give it a try. It is amazing that anyone with the right equipment, luck, patience and the right amount of talent can capture such moments.

Click through the slideshow to see your favorite.


Polar Bear Snuggle

Adventure Journal


Hawk attacking a fox


Buffalo kicking up dust


Bear with his catch

National Geographic

Wolves enjoying their kill




Cougar stalking through the snow

Calendar World

Elk fighting in snow

Wallpaper Sak

Gray wolf shows his teeth



Playful cubs

List Verse


Jumping deer


Owl mid-flight

I Live Culture

Big horn sheep in a bunch

Cloud Front

Group of eagles

Super B Pix 

Bears waiting for a fish


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Amazing Photos of North American Wildlife