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Good 'Ol Traditional All American Pheasant Hunting Trip [VIDEO]

This amazing video of  a pheasant hunting trip will have you aching to get out into the field with a shotgun and a canine companion. 

Pheasant hunting is all about brotherhood, enjoying nature, and making the most of our natural resources.

Watch this video and see what makes pheasant hunting so special, while Brad Paisley sings over the shotgun bursts.


The people in this video know how to hunt-- they've got a bird dog, blaze orange wear, and a GoPro. Not only did they bag some pheasants, they simply had a blast being in the field together.

Next time you go out hunting, bring along a camera and document your unique experience, it's a way to share your personal story. Don't forget to cue up some country music when you're uploading the video, this is America after all.

This pheasant hunting video was made possible by Kevin O'Shea.


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Good 'Ol Traditional All American Pheasant Hunting Trip [VIDEO]