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This Amazing Pet Mink Catches Fish Better Than You [VIDEO]

pet mink

Who knew you could raise a mink to hunt?

Minks are known as very vicious little predators and will attempt to attack almost any species if frightened. In fact, most mink farmers have their own battle scars on their hands, fingers, and even faces from raising minks. This guy must be an expert.

Watch his pet mink, named Moⁿchushage, go fishing. If you want to skip over the beginning and go straight to mink catching the fish, go to approximately 6:5o in the video.

If someone had told me they trained a mink to fish, I wouldn’t believe it. Seeing is believing!

The owner of the mink, Joseph Carter, purchased the mink as a baby from a farmer in Utah, and he has certainly domesticated it. He did a great job of training his pet mink to fish in a closed-off stream.

When he first began training the mink, he put him in a fish tank to sharpen the mink’s fishing skills. It soon became too easy, and he took the mink to a stream to test its skills.

So is considered hunting or fishing? I guess it’s just the best of both worlds!

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This Amazing Pet Mink Catches Fish Better Than You [VIDEO]