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Amazing Muzzleloader Kill Shot on a Running Deer [VIDEO]

running deer

Watch one hunter's quick reflexes as he uses his muzzleloader to take down a running deer in one shot.

Sometimes being forced to use our reflexes instead of having time to think leads to better accuracy. The hunter in this video is evidence of that. He is stalking along a tree line adjacent to an open field when a large doe suddenly explodes from the brush. The running deer is quartering away from the hunter, who doesn't hesitate before raising his muzzleloader and making a clean and accurate shot. The running deer goes down in a heap and the hunter has himself a successful hunt.

Don't be alarmed when you first click play. The rope hanging behind the hunter as he explains the running deer shot from a treestand is alarming at first glance but is simply a hunter's safety harness rope.

With a single shot rifle, the hunter only had one chance on the running deer, and he made sure it counted. I'm willing to bet that venison tasted even better when that hunter finally sat down to a meal of it.

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Amazing Muzzleloader Kill Shot on a Running Deer [VIDEO]