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Amazing Life-Like Lure Swims Like a Real Fish [VIDEO]

life-like lure

This amazing, life-like lure swimming in a tank looks and acts like the real thing.

This robo-lure couldn’t be much better at imitating the real thing.

Other than the hooks sticking out of it, it looks and moves perfectly. The realistic body perfectly imitates a real fish swimming in the water.

When that thing moves through the water, it actually looks like it’s alive!

Yes, it’s certainly a large lure and probably meant for fresh water. The old adage remains: big lures for big fish.

Ask folks in places like California if they catch some monster largemouths with a lure this size, and you’ll get a resounding yes!

No doubt these things are expensive. Invest in some good line, and make sure to constantly check for nicks and fraying. It’s a small insurance policy, but the dividends are big.

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Amazing Life-Like Lure Swims Like a Real Fish [VIDEO]