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Check Out This Amazing Jaguar Rescue in India [VIDEO]

Forest officials and village locals teamed up to rescue a jaguar from a community well in India.

One Saturday morning, villagers in India woke up to find a jaguar had fallen into their 15-foot well. They worked with forest officials in Mudrady, Udupi, Karnataka to save it from permanent injury or death.

The rescuers believe the jaguar must have fallen or jumped into the well overnight and could not get back out.

Despite spending the night in the well, the jaguar kept a fierce and aggressive attitude toward those trying to help him. Luckily, it did not deter the rescuers. They were dead set on saving the jaguar, and that’s exactly what they did.

According to the video’s publishers, the jaguar was treated for minor injuries to its nails and then released back to the wild Kudremukh Forest.

The forest officials and local villagers were heroes that day for accomplishing this amazing jaguar rescue.

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Check Out This Amazing Jaguar Rescue in India [VIDEO]