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The Most Amazing House in the Woods Built with Shipping Containers [VIDEO]

This shipping container home will be the most unique house you’ve ever seen.

We’ve heard of tiny houses, houses underground, or on islands, but this house is made of shipping containers. It was built in the Santa Cruz mountains of California, nestled in-between giant redwood trees.

Check out this unique house; it’s a real treat to see.

It only took six hours to assemble the house, but almost a year to completely finish the interior of the shipping container house. The shipping containers are recycled from the Port of Oakland and are only eight feet wide. With some ingenuity and impressive engineering they made the containers into an awesome cabin in the mountains.

They admitted that it wasn’t the cheapest way to build a home, but it cost about $50 less per square foot than a conventional custom home. This shipment container is one of the best looking homes on YouTube.

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The natural lighting, but also secure feeling, is something hard to accomplish and these folks found a happy medium. They took their planning and layout to the next level to make a visually appealing and structurally sound house.


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The Most Amazing House in the Woods Built with Shipping Containers [VIDEO]