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Amazing Footage of Steelhead Spawning [VIDEO]

Anglers are already on Michigan rivers and streams trying to catch a spring steelhead.

It's steelhead spawning season, and we've got an inside view of what it's like from under the water's surface in Southern Michigan.

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To capture this on video is quite the accomplishment.


Steelhead are anadromous rainbow trout, which means the fish are born in freshwater, spend most of their lives in saltwater, and then return to freshwater to spawn.

Spawning takes place several times during the year, and some steelhead might spawn a couple times in their lifetimes, but it's rare to catch them in action.

The fish in this video must have been fully focused on spawning for the angler in Southern Michigan to get so close and not scare them off.

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Amazing Footage of Steelhead Spawning [VIDEO]