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Video of How Falcons Hunt From The Bird’s Eye View

This incredible footage gives new insight into how a falcon hunts and stalks its prey in the air.

Researchers from Haverford College in Pennsylvania strapped little camera helmets and backpacks to falcons to get a first-hand look at how these complex hunters take down their prey. The researchers worked with 13 falconers in the US and Europe to study the falcon’s hunting strategies.

Falcons are among nature’s top predators, and this video shows just how smart these hunter aerial hunters can be.

Falcons hunt and stun their prey using a hunting tactic called motion camouflage. Basically, the falcon will center their prey in their field of vision and remain stationary from the perspective of their prey until the final few seconds before they lunge in for the kill. It’s an effective tactic that’s also used by bats and dragonflies.

Falcons also wait for their prey to appear motionless against the surrounding landscape so that they can make calculated estimates about where the prey will retreat when attacked.  This video shows all these tactics, including a cool aerial showdown between a falcon and two crows. The crows put up a heck of a good fight.

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Video of How Falcons Hunt From The Bird’s Eye View