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Amazing Footage Captures an Alaskan Bear Hunt with Suppressors [VIDEO]

This breathtaking footage of an Alaskan bear hunt depicts bear hunting in the last American frontier.

SilencerCo is no stranger to providing quality hunting videos, and this Alaskan bear hunt is no exception. It takes the viewer through the ideologies of hunting, in a pretty unique and entertaining fashion.

Plus, it highlights the use of SilencerCo suppressors, which continue to astonish us all. These folks headed to the remote mountains of Alaska in search of brown and black bears, described in the video as, “beautiful intelligent, and notoriously difficult to hunt.”

This video reminded me of why I hunt in the first place. It’ not about checking off certain species as an accomplishment, but about learning more about nature and yourself.

With the help of their silenced rifles and expert guides they were able to ultimately fill their tag in Northland Alaska.

Some hunters claim that shooting a gun is a dinner bell for other bears, but using a suppressor certainly limits that possibility.

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Amazing Footage Captures an Alaskan Bear Hunt with Suppressors [VIDEO]