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Amazing FN FAL Machine Gun in HD Slow Motion

This slow motion look at the FN FAL machine gun in action will have you wishing you were at the gun range!

This video shows us an up close look at the amazing action of the FN FAL automatic rifle.

The history of this fantastic weapon goes back to 1946 when Fabrique Nationale first began work on the new rifle. It was used in every major battle or revolt during the Cold War that involved the British Commonwealth, Western European nations and their allies.

After all these years this great gun is still in use in certain parts of the world. Needless to say, shooting this thing looks like a blast!

The original FN FAL was a gas operated, magazine fed rifle. It has its own return spring and uses a short piston stroke gas system with a gas piston located above the barrel. After each shot, the gas piston quickly taps the bolt carrier and then moves back into place. The rest of the reloading cycle is started by the inertial of the bolt group.

The rifle is hammer fired and uses a single sear for both semi-automatic and fully automatic fire.



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Amazing FN FAL Machine Gun in HD Slow Motion