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Could You Pull off These Amazing Trick Casting Shots?

This isn’t flipping a jig into a hula hoop from five yards. This is the real deal!

We all know a ton of people that swear up and down they are the best baitcasters on the planet. Well, apparently they have never been on a boat with Tom Redington! I will say this as plainly and honestly as possible. This guy puts every baitcaster I know to an open shame.

See for yourself in this fun filled, trick shot mashup!

While most fishermen will watch that video and think about the skills necessary to complete those casts, some will stay on their high-horses and claim it took Tom 1000 casts just to hit a balloon. But, then again, those are most likely the same people that fish once a month cuz they were not good enough to make it on the pro fishing circuit. Oooops! The truth hurts sometimes folks.

Keep up the good work, Tom!



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Could You Pull off These Amazing Trick Casting Shots?