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Amazing Antlers: Tips to Age Your Bucks and More Food Plot Facts

Deer season is close, and you are creating your hit list. Use these tips to help age your bucks and maximize your food plots.

Aging bucks is a skill. The more you do it, the better you get. Growing Deer TV runs you through the keys to age bucks so when the time comes during the season, you make the right choice on the 3-year-old who needs more growth.

They also do a quick run through on a few tactics that can maximize your food plots.

Good minerals are crucial during the antler growth season. The minerals that Grant Woods uses also gets the bucks in front of trail cameras so he can begin to study and assess his heard.

Make sure it is legal in your state before using mineral blocks though.

Studying the body shape and size is a better formula for aging deer, not necessarily the antler size. Dr. Woods runs you through these tactics below.

Neck placement on brisket, shoulder development, and the sag of the back and belly are the best things to look at.

On top of aging deer tips, the video later shows how beneficial it is to block off portions of your food plots. That way deer are still getting nutritional value during the early season, but you also have prime habitat and feeding sources so you can arrow deer come late season.

Information packed, this webisode provides you with some very important knowledge that you can apply to make you a better hunter.

Good luck out there!


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Amazing Antlers: Tips to Age Your Bucks and More Food Plot Facts