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Amazing and Strange Footage of a Buck Working a Scrape


This unique footage of an Illinois buck working a scrape is a neat moment captured by a trail camera.

We’ve all seen videos of bucks making scrapes, but have you seen anything like this?

Late October rolls around and bucks start to make their rounds. All through November, you can bet those scrapes are great place to put trail cameras. This hot scrape gets a visit from an Illinois eight-point, and the video is something to see.

Here goes:

Locked like a statue, the buck puts all his weight on his stiff front legs and begins to go to work. While balancing on them, he begins urinating all over his tarsal glands above the scrape.

Bucks urinate on these glands, which are patches of hair on hind legs, more frequently during the rut, and the reaction between urine, gland secretions, and bacteria produces the odor they use to establish dominance through these secretions.

Interesting to watch him locked in the pose for so long, and just grind the glands together as urine drips all over.

Nature sure is fascinating.

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Amazing and Strange Footage of a Buck Working a Scrape