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Amateur Anglers in Jerseys are Peacocks

Amateur Jerseys Peacocks Brent Cannon

Amateur Anglers parade around like they’re pros in jerseys, yet they ordered them online like a blender from Amazon. It makes me sick.

I’ve heard the saying dress for the job you want. In business, maybe it means a tie when few others are wearing them at your position. Apparently that has bled over into the fishing world.

The difference is, at your business job you don’t strut around like you founded the company. At the tournaments and trade shows, amateur anglers do.

Are you actually sponsored (as in getting a check) by all these company logos you are wearing around?

Better yet, do they even know you are sporting their logo while acting like an absolute douche to everyone you meet?

I get it. You probably didn’t win enough trophies as a kid, your mom always told you that you could be anything you wanted, and the best way for people to THINK you’re an awesome angler isn’t to show them on the water, it’s to slap 1,326 logos on a jersey you had to pay $125 for.

Oh, too harsh? Really?

You can’t manage to qualify for a regional tournament, can’t beat the local guys on a regular basis on “your water” and have more excuses than a Dalmatian has spots. You do however know everything about everything in the fishing industry and will tell anyone who will listen.

While you run your mouth at the bait shop, the oldtimer in the blue jeans and original trucker hat from Mann’s Bait Company in 1979 is grinning behind his cup of coffee. You know why? He’s going to take your money again this weekend.

Don’t do what the guy in this video says. “It’s really easy to get a jersey…”

I remember a day when patches were earned, jerseys were for the elite anglers, and humility still ruled the day. Maybe I’m an old fart too, longing for a better community of fishermen. Maybe I wish these 20 and 30 something anglers would chill out spending so much money on jerseys and boat wraps when they can’t win a tournament.

Earn something! Win something!

Amateur anglers in pros clothing sends all the wrong messages. It’s pride. It’s vanity. It’s wanting to be seen as special. What the rest of us see is an insecure peacock who needs to preen and prance.

You want to be seen as above average or special. Newsflash Einstein! Clothes don’t catch fish. Boat wraps don’t mean crap if you are the one paying to have it done.

What you really need to do is spend time working on your craft. Learn new skills, learn the waters you’ll be fishing and stop parading around as if the anglers not in jerseys should bow to your greatness.

The sad part of all this is, you dilute the sponsorship dollars from companies.

Amateur Anglers are Peacocks Brent Cannon
Kathryn Warmstrong

Quick quiz for you.

Does it cost more to sponsor an Elite Pro or 3,000 amateur anglers? The answer is 3,000 amateurs. Do you know why? Amateurs will buy all their own stuff and an exorbitant amount of gear for a 10% discount if you’ll only allow themselves to be called “Pro Staff”.

If you’ll give them a small discount, they will plaster your logo on a jersey, wrap their truck and boat, and then spend the next three months blasting your name on social media. Total cost to the company? Jack squat. They will rake in the money. Dollars and new customers will roll in.

Amateur anglers, you are starving for attention. Take that jersey money and go buy some groceries.



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Amateur Anglers in Jerseys are Peacocks