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Always Remember the Basic Fundamentals of Marksmanship

basic fundamentals of marksmanship
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You are never too good to skip the basic fundamentals of marksmanship, and it’s probably time to get to the range to practice them.

The basic fundamentals of marksmanship remain pretty much the same no matter what weapon you are shooting or what your target is. It will do well to remember them and even better to remember and practice them on a regular basis. If it’s been a while, take a look at the video below to re-acquaint yourself with the basics.

As simple as they seem these are skills that a lot of shooters lack. Whether it’s due to complacency or just a lack of proper training when they started shooting, it’s time it changes. These skills are something every shooter should know and practice on a regular basis.

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Always Remember the Basic Fundamentals of Marksmanship