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It's Over Already!? Cameron Hanes, First Morning, First Elk Seen [VIDEO]


Sometimes hunting "luck", if you can call it that, comes knocking. It did for Cameron Hanes on the first day of this elk hunt, and he answered the call.

Cameron Hanes and his hunting buddy are out on the morning of the first day of the Colorado elk hunting season. They're really just getting started when Hanes turns to his partner and says "There's an elk right here. Right in the meadow," as he points to a clearing several yards ahead.

The bull is feeding nonchalantly as Hanes walks towards the clearing and stops at 46 years from the elk. He waits a few seconds, lifts his bow, and the elk notices the movement and immediately lifts its head to stare in Hanes' direction.

As the elk puts its head back down to feed, Hanes waits for the perfect shot.

"Got him. Got him," he whispers, and lets loose his arrow.

It's a perfect shot. The elk bolts to the far edge of the clearing, unsure what has just happened, before walking into the trees and dropping.

"Can you believe that!?" exclaims Hanes. "I don't know whether to be happy...I mean, I'm happy...but why is it over already!?"

"I dont even know what to say," he says, before finding just what to say. "That's a big bull."

It's easy to call such moments "luck," and there may be an element of luck, to be sure. But for hunters like Cameron Hanes luck truly is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

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It's Over Already!? Cameron Hanes, First Morning, First Elk Seen [VIDEO]