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Alligators Get in All-Out Brawl on Florida Golf Course


Alligators turn a golf course fairway into a battlefield.

Two women golfing in Florida had their game rudely interrupted when two large gators decided to have an all-out brawl on the fourth hole.

What is it with alligators and golf courses lately? Whether it’s retired NHL player Jeremy Roenick taking time out of his game to attempt wrestling one, or a gator snacking on a python or even a 12-foot monster named Chubbs causing chaos in Texas, alligators seem to be hitting links quite often the past couple months.

Pretty crazy stuff. Glad these women were able to snap some photos and share their story. That’s one golfing story no one would believe otherwise.

Keep an eye out for those gators if you plan on going golfing anytime soon. I knew there was a reason I quit golfing, and it wasn’t just my nasty slice!

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Alligators Get in All-Out Brawl on Florida Golf Course