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Alligators Crossing Roadways is Not That Uncommon in Louisiana


Why did the alligator cross the road? Because it lived in southern Louisiana.

Southern Louisiana is home to plenty of the creatures, and this is the time of year when the alligators are on the move.

Bo Boehringer, a spokesman for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, says, “Yes, this is the time of year when they’re moving more.”

That’s because, he says, the weather is getting warmer and mating season is getting close.

Alligators pop up in southern Louisiana in many locations, such as golf courses, city streets, and busy highways.

The reason for alligators to show up in developed areas, according biologists with the LDWF, is that the animals are simply moving through their habitat. It just so happens that streets and golf courses are in the alligators’ home area.

On May 8, a five-foot alligator was listed as the cause of a fatal, early-morning crash on I-10 in eastern New Orleans. Police believe a van hit the alligator, which caused a Mitsubishi Eclipse to rear-end the van. The driver of the Eclipse was killed.

Experts say that animals, which are cold-blooded, might head to the concrete for warmth. Traffic on I-10 is light early in the morning, so alligators wouldn’t be scared off.

Boehringer says drivers should be careful during the overnight hours in southern Louisiana. Besides alligators, deer and black bear have been known to cross streets and highways as well.

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Alligators Crossing Roadways is Not That Uncommon in Louisiana