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Is This an Alligator or a Rug in a Flooded Charleston Street? [PICS]

Charleston, South Carolina resident Allison McCutcheon snapped a purported picture of an alligator that appeared to be swimming in a flooded street.

The last thing that Charleston resident Allison McCutcheon expected to see in a flooded street in Charleston was the first thing that she photographed on Monday, August 31, 2015.

“It is what you see,” said McCutcheon, “Is it really a gator? I don’t know, it just looked like one”

McCutcheon’s friend Leah Rhyne, who posted the picture to her Twitter account, said that they have “tons of gators” here and that they once saw one walk down their street with a fish in its mouth.

The sentiment in the area over the photo is mixed though.

Dean Harrigal who is the Regional Coordinator for the South Carolina DNR said: “Not a gator. Looks like a roll of filter cloth or a log.”

Still, Karen Rourk, also at the SC Department of Natural Resources, said that they had gotten multiple calls relating to alligator sightings that same day.

While the snout area to the eyes looks correct, and the body seems to look like that of an alligator, it cannot be confirmed at this time that it was a large reptilian.

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Is This an Alligator or a Rug in a Flooded Charleston Street? [PICS]