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Alligator Spotted in Surf of Bryan Beach in Texas [VIDEO]


An alligator was spotted enjoying the waves of Bryan Beach in Texas.

When you take your family to the beach, you generally only worry about sharks lurking in the water. Sometimes they may be the least of your worries, especially when there is an alligator in the surf of the beach.

On Saturday, July 18, 2015 a family decided they would try a new spot on Bryan Beach in Freeport, Texas to catch some fish from the surf. Their trip was cut abruptly short when they noticed an alligator casually relaxing as waves crashed over him.

I think when it comes to beaches I would only like to deal with sharks. At least sharks can’t chase you on the sand as you try to run away.

While most alligators in Texas tend to stay further inland in the numerous rivers that feed into the Gulf of Mexico, they have been known to venture onto the beaches of the Gulf from time to time.

Local fish and wildlife have received multiple calls about the alligator, but have not been able to catch it. They have cautioned swimmers on the beach to watch for the gator, as well as posted numerous signs around the area.

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Alligator Spotted in Surf of Bryan Beach in Texas [VIDEO]