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Alligator Spotted in Florida is Missing the Top Half of Its Snout [PICS]

ABC News/Yahoo!

An alligator was photographed on Lake Hancock in Lakeland, Florida that was missing the top of its snout.

Myra Evers of Lakeland took the photograph of the maimed gator from a nearby trail she was riding. Only the bottom jaw and the teeth could be seen above the water’s surface prompting Evers reaction:

   The alligator looked really horrible like he couldn’t eat anything

    I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission spokesman Gary Morse was quoted as saying “This kind of injury usually happens when alligators fight with each other, mostly for territorial or cannibalistic reasons”

He also added that the state of Florida has no mandate or facilities for the rehabilitation of alligators based on the fact that they are not considered an endangered species.

With over a million alligators in the state of Florida and nothing that can be done to replace a missing upper jaw, the likelihood that a rescue would happen is minimal. Said Morse:

   The gator could be taken elsewhere to an alligator facility or farm,

   But it’d probably have to be euthanized and then processed for its meat and hide

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Alligator Spotted in Florida is Missing the Top Half of Its Snout [PICS]