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Alligator Pulled from Surf at South Carolina Beach [VIDEO]

Pawleys IslandPD/Twitter

Animal control captures seven-foot long alligator hanging in surf of Pawleys Island in South Carolina.

Most alligators prefer the slow moving waters of freshwater rivers and ponds. Occasionally they must feel the need for a change of scenery and head for local beaches to check out the surf.

That seems to be the case when this alligator was spotted by people trying to enjoy the surf themselves.

Last Sunday, local police and animal control officials on Pawleys Island in South Carolina received multiple calls about an alligator swimming in the surf. Officers quickly responded to guard the area until nuisance control contractors could arrive to try to capture the animal.

A patron on the beach shot this video as they roped the alligator with a dog pole and dragged him ashore to bind and remove him.

The team captured and tied the alligator up within minutes of their arrival to be checked out and prepped for relocation.

While it still awed the crowd that gathered to watch the show. Local police say this is something they deal with at least twice a year during the rainy season when younger alligators are often washed to sea by the currents of flooded creeks and rivers.

Alligators are capable of withstanding salt water from a few hours to a day at max, but lack the salt-extracting glands their crocodile cousins have to keep them alive for extended periods.

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Alligator Pulled from Surf at South Carolina Beach [VIDEO]