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Alligator Permits in Mississippi Sell Out in 45 Minutes


Alligator hunting has exploded in Mississippi causing permits to sell out quickly.

Hunting and trapping alligators is a long-standing tradition in Mississippi's heritage. It was, at one time, something that brave hunters and those looking for a quick thrill took part in.

In recent years, with the popularity of shows like "Swamp People" and others, alligator hunting has seen a huge increase in interest.

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015 Mississippi had 920 permits available in seven different public water ways for hunters to purchase. They sold all of them in a record time of 45 minutes.

"This just goes to show the growing interest in alligator hunting in Mississippi," said Ricky Flynt, Mississippi Department of Wildlife Coordinator. "It is personally and professionally satisfying for the MDWFP to be able to provide this unique opportunity for hunters in Mississippi."

The MDWFP will be holding free alligator hunting classes on August 15 at the Roosevelt State Park for permit holders. This class will cover alligator biology, habitat, legal capture and killing methods, as well as how to skin and process them.

The 2015 alligator season starts on August 28 and runs until September 7.

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Alligator Permits in Mississippi Sell Out in 45 Minutes